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NIX is a family of operating systems. UNIX Shell is common in text-based or command-line UNIX programs. The commands of UNIX shell are compatible with all brands of UNIX, including Linux. This Virtual Training Company tutorial teaches the fundamentals of UNIX Shell even if you have no prior knowledge of UNIX or UNIX Shell commands. Author Mark Virtue helps you get a better understanding thorough demonstrations of processes such as logging in, copying files, combining programs, using telnet, and more. To get started learning from this experienced instructor now, simply click one of the topics below.

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About this Course
Audience and Prerequisites

Understanding UNIX
What is UNIX?
UNIX History
Which UNIX?
UNIX Architecture

Understanding the UNIX Shell
What is the UNIX Shell?
Which Shell?
Logging In
Basic Commands
Command Syntax
Getting Help
Logging Out

Files and Directories
Intro & Commands for Files and Directories
Filenames and File Types
Displaying File Contents
Comparing Files
Copying, Moving and Renaming Files
Deleting Files
Hidden Files
The . and .. Directories
Relative vs Absolute Paths
Working with Directories
Finding Files
Archiving Files

Users and Groups
File Protection Overview
Changing File Permissions
Changing File Ownership
Changing File Group
A Dangerous Security Loophole

Combining Programs – Pipes and Filters
Standard Output
Standard Input
Standard Input and Output
About Filters
Common Filters
Searching for Text in Files
Standard Error

Process Control
About Processes
Running Commands Asynchronously
Killing Processes
More Process Control
Scheduling Commands

A UNIX Text Editor
Understanding vi
Manipulating Files
Moving Around
Basic Editing
Advanced Editing
Configuring vi

The UNIX File System
Introduction to the Unix File System
How Files are Stored
Understanding Links
Linking Files
Symbolic Links
UNIX File Types

Using telnet
Using mail

Customising Your Shell Environment
Changing your Login Shell
Your .profile
Environment Variables
Your Prompt
Korn Shell Command-line Editing
Other Shell Customisation Options
The End

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